A downloadable game

Our idea was to tackle the Cyberpunk Dystopia theme.

Right now the game has this Pulp Fiction feel where all the scenes are kind of jumbled together. We wanted to create a more elaborate game that felt more cohesive but ran out of time.


WASD - Movement

E - Interact with things

SPACE - Jump/Continue with the story

Hold SHIFT - Sprint

MOUSE - Look Around


You are recruited by GiantBomb.ru's Jeff Gerstmanniovich to review a stack of video games. Each stage represents a game on the stack.

What you don't know initially is that the world has descended into chaos. Scientists have figured out a solution to cross dimensions through a special game cartridge in Gerstmanniovich's possession (that you happen to be reviewing). They sent a government official to track you down and he invades your games (similar to The Matrix or Inception).

You see this official as a constant through the numerous games you play. In each successive game the official's presence becomes more and more prominent; oddly the official never interferes with you. When you are about to finish the last game, the government official yanks the game cartridge. He tells you that he has killed Gerstmanniovich. He also says that you are working with powers greater than you can imagine and that he is doing this for the better of mankind. In the end he kills you. FIN.


Concept by: Luciana Lachance

Programming: jwang19 and hacktavist

Modeling: jwang19, Luciana Lachance, Carpe_DMT

Rigging: Sykosis

Acting: Carpe_DMT, jwang19, Luciana Lachance

Government Official Design: James Garcia




PierceReality.zip 242 MB